Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, no. We price out vehicles competitively, additionally, we do what we can to offer the best deal possible to our customers. Sometimes when we clear inventory, we sell at cost or even below cost, in such cases the advertised price is firm.
No, 15% HST must be applied to all prices.
In some cases, yes. If the price includes a warranty the listing will be clearly marked and the term and type of warranty will be mentioned in the description of the vehicle. In any other case, a warranty is not included in the price.
We take cash or bank draft. No personal checks.
No, we don’t accept any debit or credit cards.
No. When you purchase a vehicle from us, transfer, registration and even licensing are handled at our office. You don’t have to waste time at Motor Vehicle Registration.
Yes, all vehicles we sell are safety inspected. Our website is very active and sometimes we list a vehicle online before we’re able to complete the inspection. No worries, inspection will be completed before you take delivery of this vehicle. Occasionally we sell vehicles at wholesale¬†price “as traded”, these types of vehicles are sold “as is” and safety inspection would-be buyer’s responsibility, these listings are clearly marked and it’s written in the vehicle’s description page as well.
We offer several types of warranties from a few different companies. There are a variety of options from powertrain to the full factory warranty, from 3 months to 4 years, we can help you choose the right coverage for your needs. We also offer affordable tire/wheel warranty and even key/remote warranty to meet the demands of the market. Some of the companies we represent are:

Coast to Coast
Lubrico Warranty
Global Warranties
Dominion Automobile Association

Yes. Delivery can be arranged at a reasonable cost. We often ship vehicles outside of Province either by boat or truck carrier.
Yes. We try to finance our customers with the lowest interest rate possible, currently starting at 4.65%. Rates change all the time. We can process the application in the office or even over the phone.
Yes and No. We do process all applications in-house and submit them to several lenders on the customer’s behalf, however, we do not finance the purchase ourselves. In other words, the lender must approve the buyer and pay us for the car, then the buyer makes payments to the lender for the agreed term of the loan.
Yes, we do our best to provide reasonable financing for everyone. The interest rates or even qualifying for a car loan largely depends on the customer’s credit rating, but our success rate is pretty high, so give us a call or email us.
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